SocialEngine 3 plugins

Hire-Experts company is one of the pioneers in SocialEngine market, below you can view our plugins developed for SocialEngine 3. Unfortunately development for SocialEngine 3 has been discontinued - we redirect all our resources to develop new great things for SocialEngine 4. If you still have old SocialEngine version then we highly recommend to consider the revamped version. Keep your site up to date!

Please check our Demo site for SocialEngine3 plugins.

If you would like to check modern SocialEngine 4 plugins then please check here.

Quiz social engine plugin
Quiz plugin allows your users to create funny quizzes like on Facebook. Users can create quizzes, browse and pass quizzes, see others results, find matches, share quizzes, etc. This plugin helps to increase users activity and makes easy to find friends based on mutual interests, SEO friendly URL helps to drive more traffic to your site!... more
Wall Premium social engine plugin
We like Facebook Wall and Twitter but what about merging these two wonderful services into one social network?! We spent a lot of time and efforts to make it really nice and useful for SocialEngine users. It is a great Social Engine plugin which make your site more interactive and modern... more
Pages social engine plugin
Pages plugin for Social Engine allows to create pages like on Facebook. This social engine plugin allows your users to create pages for businesses, stars, persons, fan clubs, etc in your social network. It is very flexible and full featured with attractive and user-friendly interfaces... more
Fans social engine plugin
Fans plugin for Social Engine allows your users to create fan club and be fan. Make your site more social - let your users to be fan of outstanding members/persons. Fans is one of ways to create small communities and make your site members more solidary... more
SEO Tools social engine plugin
This Social Engine plugin lets you change the website pages' title, keywords, description to enhance SEO. It is easy in use and very useful tool which can help you to increase traffic to your SocialEngine site... more
Wall social engine plugin
Wall plugin for Social Engine allows users to have Wall like on Facebook. It is a great tool which makes your site more interactive, users have one point access to news feed and tools to post messages, share links, upload photos and music... more
Professional Styler social engine plugin
Professional Styler is awesome social engine plugin which allows your users to easily style own Profile page, Groups and Pages on the fly(like on Tagged), create skins and share them to community. No CSS knowledge is required - very easy in use and ajax based... more
Snowfall social engine plugin
Snowfall is a lightweight Social Engine plugin which allows your site to observer Christmas and New Year. Easy in use... more
Avatar Pro social engine plugin
Avatar Pro plugin for Social Engine allows your users upload funny animated avatars, crop faces from \"family\" photos and choose from available avatars list which have been uploaded by administrator. It makes your site more funny... more
Cooliris social engine plugin
Cooliris plugin is simply the fastest and most stunning way to browse photos and videos. Effortlessly scroll an infinite "3D Wall" of your content. This social engine plugin has many features: inside search, slideshows, jump to page... more
User Notes social engine plugin
User Notes is a lightweight, ajax based social engine plugin which allows administrator and users create notes about others... more
Layouts social engine plugin
Layouts plugin for Social Engine allows you to easily change look of your site. It provides clean and clear layouts/theme management system in admin panel, where you can create them by yourself, edit/delete existing layouts, import... more
Quiz social engine plugin
Quizzes plugin for Social Engine lets your users create funny quizes similar to Facebook. Plugin features: create, browse, pass and comment quizzes, see others results and much more. It increases users activity and makes easy to find friends based on mutual interests... more
Tags social engine plugin
Tags plugin for Social Engine lets your users to tag videos, photo albums, music, events, blogs, groups and quizzes. It allows users to browse content using tag clouds... more
MeeboMe Widget social engine plugin
MeeboMe is social engine plugin which makes your site more friendly for meebo users. It allows users to put MeeboMe widget on their profile page... more
Mass Mailing Premium social engine plugin
Mass Mailing is MUST HAVE SOCIAL ENGINE PLUGIN! All in one: newsletter; sending mass messages and email announcements; reusable campaigns, flexible recipient restriction by user level, subnetwork, profile fields; mass messages in groups and events... more
Mass Message Pro(Free) social engine plugin
Mass Message Pro is free social engine plugin which allows you to easily send mass messages to selected users. You can restrict recipients by user level, subnetwork and profile categories, use placeholders(display name/email)... more
Power Language Tools social engine plugin
This social engine plugin allows you to easily manage phrases on your site: browse phrases in ajax based interface; search phrases by their location; edit not only phrase value but also its location; add new phrases... more