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Store social engine plugin
Store is an e-commerce plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your SocialEngine powered social network. This plugin lets members to buy your products and services online. Also your members can open own online store on your site, advertise products throughout social network and sell products to other members.
Touch-Tablet social engine plugin
Touch-Tablet plugin provides rich for features and highly convenience social experience in tablets: iPad, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, etc. It makes easy to browse photos, play videos, get offers, participate in events, groups, pages...
Offers & Coupons social engine plugin
This plugin allows members to get discounts and profitable offers on your site, it increases members activity and their constant interest, loyalty towards your social network...
Advanced Photo Albums social engine plugin
This plugin enhances standard Photo Albums plugin from SocialEngine - much easier to share photos with friends and community, beautiful photo browsing, viewing and quick interaction...
Credits social engine plugin
It is not easy to reach a large user base, but it is more complicated to keep existing members active and engaged. Credits plugin increases interaction and encourages members to post new videos, upload photos, add more friends and create various social media content...
Gifts social engine plugin
Let members to send Virtual Gifts to friends on Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas - it is the most easiest way to reward your members for their activity. It can be not only a photo, but also a video or even a music...
Timeline social engine plugin
Timeline provides a new kind of profile page for SocialEngine. Timeline is a way to digitally document member's life from birth to present, via wall posts, photos, videos, attended events, etc. It is beautiful and easy on the eyes...
Newsletter Updates social engine plugin
Newsletter Updates plugin is a complete marketer solution which allows you to make smash mass emailing to members and subscribers. It allows you to send weekly(daily, manually) updates about new content on your social network; send mass email campaigns, schedule campaigns for future dates and many more...
Suggestion social engine plugin
This plugin is lightweight and powerful tool which allows to increase members interaction and content sharing. It allows your members to suggest content to friends, share content to facebook, twitter, linkedIn, easily get recommended content they are likely interested in, and many more...
Rates social engine plugin
Rates plugin allows users to rate members, photos, quizzes, blogs, etc and post review Pages. It's a great light weight plugin that delivers a lot of value in a user-friendly and well-executed way. Ajax based rate looks so smooth and easy in use so users are glad to express their attitude about content(blog, photo,...
Likes social engine plugin
Let your members to like interesting social stuff, share to friends. Likes plugin makes things easy and attractive. It brings many new features, widgets and it is absolutely free for you. Just download and start using this lightweight plugin...
Check-In social engine plugin
Check-In plugin brings into SocialEngine one of the modern trends - location check-in services. It is attractive, easy in use and funny feature allows your members to share where they are now...
Hashtags social engine plugin
Increase your users' engagement, make their interaction more interesting and topical using Hashtags plugin. Open a new way for social media marketing...
Advanced Search social engine plugin
This plugin improves usability and user experience of SocialEngine search. It takes less time to search and view results due to instant search results and hotkeys...
Badges social engine plugin
It encourages members to do various activity, frequently interact with each other and compete with friends in your social network. It is a simple and fun way to increase interaction and reward your members with badges...
Social Donations social engine plugin
This SocialEngine plugin provides powerful social tools to raise effectively funds for charities, projects and fundraisers. It is rich for features but very flexible so you can enable only donations in your social network, or even turn your site to a hub for charities, projects and their fundraisers...
Welcome social engine plugin
Welcome Slideshow plugin allows you to easily create very nice and stylish introduction slideshow. Welcome Slideshow widget can be put in wherever you want, slides are in any wished size and html compatible texts may be applied!
Advanced Questions social engine plugin
Let your members to ask questions or create polls and get fast, short-form replies or votes. Replace standard Polls plugin to this attractive, rich for features and widgets plugin...
Highlight Members social engine plugin
Are you looking for a way to showcase members on your social network? Now you can do it using special Highlight Members plugin...
Survey social engine plugin
We have received a lot of requests about Survey plugin upgrade and feature suggestions. We appreciate our customers voice so now you can enjoy with new Survey plugin for SE4! Our experience which we have received from old survey plugin and your suggestions/ideas helped us to make Survey plugin be more functional with sexy appearance...
Day-Logo social engine plugin
Now you can change your social network logo on certain occasions such as Valentine Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve, just like Google does. Just upload logos and set the occasion dates, and Day-Logo plugin automatically displays them in time...
User Notes social engine plugin
User Notes is a lightweight, ajax based plugin which allows you and your users to create notes about others...
Free Tips social engine plugin
Free Tips plugin provides advanced Tips for profiles which are displayed on mouseover. It supports Member, Group and Page profiles. You can select what information and how to display...
Hire-Expert Core social engine plugin
Hire-Experts Core module is required for all our plugins. It contains common modules, styles and javascript functions. It is absolutely free plugin so you can download it from My Plugins section in Client Area(login required). We've included several widgets in this plugin so you can get benefits of new nice and great features for free!
Advanced Events social engine plugin
Advanced Events plugin improves user experience and increases members engagement in events. Members can easily create events, participate and...
Pin-Feed social engine plugin
Pinterest-style feed allows your members to easily find the most interesting things and quickly & smoothly browse what's happening on your site...
SocialEngine Application for Android social engine plugin
Beautiful Android application for SocialEngine: attractive design, push notifications, sharing photos, videos...
Login-Popup social engine plugin
Login-Popup is a clean and light-weight plugin. It displays simple and light popup to your visitors and encourages them to quickly login into your SocialEngine site.
Contest social engine plugin
Looking for a way to attract local businesses? Run social media contests and attract new businesses, users and increase their loyalty...