Advanced Billing SocialEngine plugin

Advanced Billing plugin

We have developed a new plugin that expands the functionality of standard payment systems. The integration with Stripe payment system allows you to use more than 100 different currencies on your site while payment. Currently, the Advanced Billing plugin is integrated with the following plugins:

Store plugin that allows you to use the Advanced Billing plugin as payment gateway for the administrators and users who created own shops.

Donations plugin which allows you to create projects and collect money via PayPal and Stripe payment gateways and to use Donations plugin more effective.

new - Integration with Credits plugin allows you to buy credits via Stripe payment gateway

new - Now you can pay SocialEngine subscription fee with stripe payments

new - You can easily monetize your community by creating paid subscriptions for Pages plugin and use Stripe to gather fee

The setup of the plugin takes only few minutes, you only need to enter the data that provides API system and that’s it!

Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

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