Check-In SocialEngine plugin

Check-In plugin

Check-In plugin brings into SocialEngine one of the modern trends - location check-in services and tools. It is necessary, useful and simply funny feature for any social network. Let you members to share where they are now.
When members check-in, they also can `tag` any friends on social network who are with them, essentially letting other friends know that the person is there, too. It allows to include a photo, video and any other things which are supported by wall.

Check-In plugin is implemented as extension of Wall plugin so why it requires Wall plugin.

Check-In plugin features:
  • Simple and Stylish. Smooth integration with Wall provides attractive look and makes check-ing process simple and friendly for members.
  • Check-In. Sharing location lets to your members tell friends where they are as they're posting. Members just click on `Check-In` icon in wall-post form which automatically gets location information, or member can start typing place name and choose from suggested drop down list.
  • Location Automatic Detection. When member check-in, it tries to determine the member's location(browser asks user permission) and so in some cases it is not needed to type place name.
  • Places. Member can start typing location and Check-In automatically suggests locations in drop down list, it displays not only places names but also their location on the map. It is not needed to pre-fill places on your site, Check-In automatically fetches places from:
    Google Places. It has the largest places database and you can use its benefits on your site! Check-In quickly fetches places from Google database without taking resources of your server.
    Pages. Check-In searches similar pages which are created on your social network using Pages plugin. It empowers you to provide business oriented solutions for local businesses, they will be interested in opening their official page on your social network to promote their business and to be easily checked-in and advertised socially.
  • Tag Friends! Upload photo and many more! Check-In doesn't restrict features of Wall plugin, so your members can tag friends on social network who are with them, upload photo or video taken from the place, include audio file and link - all things which you can do with Wall.
  • new Check-In from Mobile! Now it is easy and cool to check-in via from mobile device. Touch-Mobile plugin integration allows you to share where you are now, tag friends, upload photos, etc. This feature is available if you have Touch-Mobile plugin.
  • Member Profile Check-Ins. You can display check-ins of member on his profile page, it contains member's message, attached photo|video|audio|link, location information(name, total likes and check-ins) for each check-in. It supports two view modes:
    List View displays list of check-ins with all details;
    Map View displays check-ins on the Google Map;
  • Pages integration. Check-In provides an additional way to promote Business Pages throughout social network. Pages can be easily checked by members and displayed for their friends via activity feed. Also there are new widgets are available:
    Members Checked-in widget displays members who checked-in this page;
    new Check-Ins widget displays this page check-ins with all details - member name, message including tagged friends, photo, video, etc;
    Check-In plugin doesn't require Pages plugin but if you would like to provide solution for businesses, public figures, etc then please check Pages plugin.

WHAT'S COMING? More, more and more features! We continually work on improvements of Check-In plugin so please feel free to suggest your ideas, help us to make our plugin better - suggest feature

Check-In plugin requires Google API Key which is free and can be easily created, we provide instructions and assistance. Demo:

Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18; Wall

Check-In plugin screenshots:

Check-In plugin Check-In plugin Check-In plugin Check-In plugin Check-In plugin Check-In plugin Check-In plugin

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