Group Announcement SocialEngine plugin

Group Announcement plugin

Socialengine User Importer features:

  • Create announcements for a group & display it on group page.
  • Allow user to view announcements for their groups on member home page.
  • Guest users can view the announcements for groups.
  • Add Rich HTML contents for announcements.
  • Manage group announcements.
  • Enable/Disable announcements for future use.

Initial Configuration

  • Go to admin ->layout->layout Editor and select the desired page for showing Group Announcements widget.
  • Go to widget section.
  • Drag and Drop the Group Announcements widget on desired page like Member Home page or Group profile page.
  • Go to admin -> Plugins -> Group Announcements.
  • Fill the desired number for announcements to be dispalyed in Group Announcements widget.

Post Announcements

  • Go to Groups -> Click on edit icon -> Post New Announcement.
For more details & How to use:

Basic Requirements: SocialEngine Group module

Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Group Announcement plugin screenshots:

Group Announcement plugin Group Announcement plugin Group Announcement plugin

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