Hire-Expert Core SocialEngine plugin

Hire-Expert Core plugin

Hire-Experts Core module is required for all our plugins. It contains common modules, styles and javascript functions. It is absolutely free plugin so you can download it from My Plugins section in Client Area(login required).

We've included several widgets in this plugin so you can get benefits of new nice and great features for free! Please check Hire-Experts Core module features:
  • Featured Members widget. It is a new option which allows you to make featured members you like to be shown on Featured Members widget. You can put the widget on any page on your site using Layout Editor.
  • Featured Members Carousel widget. It is a attractive widget which shows featured members in stylish carousel. Widget has auto-width feature which allows to put it in any column and it will smoothly fit the column width.
  • Member Friends widget. It is a nice widget which shows member's friends on Member Profile page. Widget options:
         - View All link which shows all friends in Popup window, like on Facebook
         - Make Friends Sticky option which allow to owner select which friends always should be shown on the widget for his profile visitors.
         - Friends Privacy. It provides owner to choose who is allowed to view his friends on profile page - Everyone, Registered Members, Friends of Friends, etc
  • Mutual Friends. This widget shows list of mutual friends so when visitor opens a member page he can see which of his friends are in friendship with the member. It goes with `View All` link which displays list of all mutual friends in popup window. Please just drag & drop the widget on Member Profile page using Layout Editor.

Demo: http://demo.hire-experts.com/

NOTE: We do not provide support for FREE plugins

Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Hire-Expert Core plugin screenshots:

Hire-Expert Core plugin Hire-Expert Core plugin Hire-Expert Core plugin Hire-Expert Core plugin Hire-Expert Core plugin Hire-Expert Core plugin Hire-Expert Core plugin Hire-Expert Core plugin

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