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Mobile plugin SE3

NOTE: this plugin works only on SE3 - version 3 and NOT 4!

The social impact of mobile social networking is in front of our eyes today. It is fast growing social media trend. Keep your site up to date, make it more accessible and cross platform - let your members reach your site everywhere using their mobile and smart phones. We happy to provide tool which allows your social network to increase in mobility.
Mobile plugin is a lightweight and simple implementation of mobile access to your site. It provides members to stay connected with community and friends, to send messages, post in wall, comment, attend in events, join groups, browse photos and whole network, and many more valuable features.

This plugin is free for our customers!

Touch-Mobile plugin is available! Touch-Mobile plugin is a next level of mobile plugin which is stylish, rich for features and optimized for mobile devices. Touch-Mobile is up to date plugin which uses benefits of HTML5(Mobile Caching, Ajax, etc), modern devices like iPhone, Android. Also you can these plugins combination, it allows your site to support all type of mobile devices: from oldest devices to modern touch phones and tablets.
Please check the plugin details - Touch-Mobile plugin.
Mobile plugin features:
  • Mobile Layout Editor. It has simple and nice user interface. Also it provides Mobile Layout Editor which allows admin to easily control which elements and widgets should be shown on mobile version of your site - just drag and drop as you do on standard SocialEngine layout editor. You can control all menu widgets, customize mobile site logo, easily change Site Header and Footer and many other features are available now!
  • Menu Editor. It allows you edit menu items of Dashboard: change caption, enable/disable and sort order.
  • Themes. Style your mobile site! It supports all standard SocialEngine themes(Midnight, Bamboo and Showbot), all the more you can correct appearance by theme-css editor or even create a new custom theme specially for your site design. Make it look like your full site design!
  • Dashboard. It is access point to all mobile features of your site. Makes easy to navigate and get all needed things in community.
  • Wall. Members are allowed to send wall-posts(no photos, videos, etc), comment in activity feed, like or unlike.
  • Messaging. Allows to send internal messages, read and reply to received messages.
  • Notifications and Requests. Allows to view notifications, requests and act accordingly - confirm friendship, join event, etc.
  • Social Interaction. Allows to browse members, view member profiles, add friends, leave posts and comments on profiles, etc
  • Global Search. Search the entire site: members, blogs, events, photo albums, etc.
  • Events. Provides members to participate in events - search, join and set up wished status (attending, maybe and not), view event details, photos and interaction via activity feed.
  • Blogs. Allows to browse, search and read blogs. Members are allowed to leave comments or like blogs.
  • Classifieds. Makes easy to browse recent classifieds listings, view details, leave comments and share to own wall.
  • Photo Albums. Allows to browse, search and view photo albums and photos, including leaving comments and liking photos.
  • Groups. Allows to search groups, view own groups, join and participate in group by wall, share group, view group members, photos and events.
  • Likes. Comprehensive likes feature for your site - allows to like members, events, groups and many more. `Members Like This` and `Likes` widgets are available. You need to have Likes plugin
  • new Pages plugin including all add-ons! Now your members are allowed to easily interact in Pages - view blogs and photos, comment in wall, leave a review, open topics, participate in events and many more! If you don't have this great plugin then highly recommended to purchase it here - Pages plugin
  • new Suggestion / Recommendation. Mobile plugin is seamlessly integrated with Suggestion / Recommendation plugin so your members are able to easily view and manage suggestions and recommendations in their mobile phones.
  • Compatibility with most mobile browsers. Mobile plugin has simplified structure on front-end: No javascript, No Ajax, No complicated CSS. Your SocialEngine site will be accessible in most mobile and smart phones.
  • Many Other Features:
        - Mobile phone auto-detection
        - Mode Switcher - Standard/Mobile site
        - Contact Us form
        - Option to delete own actions, blogs, events, etc
  • new Rates plugin. Now Mobile plugin supports Rates with option to rate members, albums, events and leave review on pages! If you don't have rates then check it - Rates plugin
  • new Other 3d party developers plugins. Mobile plugin supports the following plugins from 3d party developers:
        - Q&A plugin from WebHive. Check the plugin details on official Questions and Answers plugin page.
        - Articles plugin from Radcodes


Mobile plugin screenshots:

Mobile plugin Mobile plugin Mobile plugin Mobile plugin Mobile plugin Mobile plugin Mobile plugin Mobile plugin Mobile plugin Mobile plugin Mobile plugin

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