Rates SocialEngine plugin

Rates plugin

Rates plugin allows users to rate members, photos, Surveys , blogs, etc and post a review on Pages. It's a great lightweight plugin that delivers a lot of value in a user-friendly and well-executed way. Stylish and simple ajax based rate widgets make rating process easy in use so users are glad to express their attitude about content(blog, photo, etc).

Rates plugin features:
  • Pretty look and AJAX. Minimalistic design and fully based on ajax makes Rate feature looks very smooth and user friendly.
  • User Level Restriction. Admin can restrict users by user-level for using rate.
  • Flexible and Powerful. You control all needed settings for Rates in admin panel:
       - Minimum votes count to be listed, it allows you to protect from cheating votes
       - Photos(Members, Blogs, Events, etc) number in widget
  • Rate Members. Integrated with Members(users) and allows users to rate members.
  • Rate Photos. Rates plugin is smoothly integrated with Photo Albums plugin so it allows users to rate photos. Rate feature is automatically shown on Photo page so you don't need to do anything
  • Rate Blogs. It is integrated with Blogs plugin and your users are allowed to other's blogs. Rate feature is automatically shown on View Blog page
  • Rate Events. "Rate This" widget allows you to put rate option on Event Profile page so your users can rate events.
  • Rate Groups. "Rate This" widget allows you to put rate option on Group Profile page so your users can rate groups.
  • Review Pages. Rates plugin seamlessly integrated with Pages plugin, it has Reviews module which is shown on Pages as a separate tab. It allows to post reviews with title, message and rate by options - each page category has own rating options so member can leave own comment and rate separately for Food, Service, Prices in Restaurants. These ratings are calculated and shown on Page and Browse Pages.
    new Browse Reviews. It is a new page where visitors can browse pages via reviews. Clean markup makes easy to read a review's text in short, view rates by category(Service, Pricing, Food, etc), reviewer name and the page(business, brand, venue, public figure) details.
    You can search reviews by keywords & category and view reviews in available tabs: recent reviews, most rated reviews.
    Rates are specially integrated with Pages plugin so this is available only if you have Pages plugin installed.
  • Rate Surveys . Rate Survey is automatically shown on Survey page and Browse Surveys page. Please go to Survey plugin page for more details.
  • new Review Offers & Coupons. Now members can leave reviews for Offers & Coupons with title, message and ratings by category(Service, Pricing, Food, etc). Please read more about Offers & Coupons plugin.
  • new Rate Products & Services. Members can rate products & services provided in social store. Please read more about Store plugin.
  • Most Rated ... widget. We provide wide range widgets which are available in Layout Editor section and can be put in wherever you want:
       - Most Rated Members
       - Most Rated Photos
       - Most Rated Blogs
       - Most Rated Events
       - Most Rated Groups
       - Most Reviewed Pages widget(Pages plugin)
       - Most Reviewed Offers widget(Offers & Coupons plugin)
       - Most Reviewed Stores widget(Store plugin)
       - Most Rated Products widget(Store plugin)
       - Most Rated Surveys widget(Survey plugin)
       - Most Rated Articles widget(from Radcodes)
  • Most rated over last week / month / overall. Now all widgets can be shown in two modes: 1) usual which just shows most rated things, 2) most rated things by durations like last week, month and overall. Admin can configure in which mode each widget is shown.
  • new Mobile compatibility. It is seamlessly integrated with Touch-Mobile plugin so your members are able to easily rate(members, photos, blogs, etc) and leave reviews for pages using their mobile phones.
  • Who Votes. It is a nice popup(like on Facebook) which allows to view voted members with option to view voted Friends.
  • FAQ. We provide detailed instructions for putting Rates Snippet Code on browse photos/events/blogs/... pages.

Demo: http://demo.hire-experts.com/

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Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Rates plugin screenshots:

Rates plugin Rates plugin Rates plugin Rates plugin Rates plugin Rates plugin Rates plugin Rates plugin Rates plugin Rates plugin Rates plugin

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