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Boys need to acquire mobile APP, but I still problea unsupported plugins as advanced group and others have asked prices in order to adapt but goes one more expensive than the entire APP plugin, you can right adaptarmelo and charge you for it?


Asked by Matias Sebastian Jofre | 3rd April | 5 answers

5 Answers

Answered by Anton Molchanov | 5th May

Hello Tumedi company,

Thank you for your idea, it has been added into our list of ideas and you can add more here -
Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or problems. I'll be glad to assist you.

Answered by Matias Sebastian Jofre | 3rd May

Good afternoon, please, I need to know if these guys soon fabrucaran pligins:
advanced group
advanced forum
advanced blog

As we told you earlier we want to buy android and ios plugin, but we do not have these plugins compatible with your app are very expensive to adapt developers they recommended.

Would be cheaper to buy all these plugins in younetco and purchase your app would save a lot of money.

Except those manufactured ustes plugin compatible with mobile app.

We are in delicate financial situation and do not have much budget.


Answered by Anton Molchanov | 4th April

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately our team is highly loaded with current projects and plugins development so we'll not be able to handle your project. I apologize for the inconveniences.

I recommend to consider the following companies who have great reputation in SocialEngine customizations. Please notify them that you were referred by Hire-Experts, in this case, your request will be considered with highest priority: - Lux-service - NewrosoftMods - iPragmatech Solution - Gitesh Dang - StarsDeveloper - Cuztomize.Net

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or comments.

Answered by Matias Sebastian Jofre | 4th April

if, for example advanced group, advanced events ... would be great if you manufactured these plugins, but now would need to adapt these plugins to your APP

Answered by Anton Molchanov | 4th April

Hello Tumedi company sl,

Thank you for your report. As i understand, you need to make some unsupported plugins to be compatible with our mobile app?

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