iTunes + Android + Comet Chat?

Why waste time integrating Webligo's buggy chat plugin, when you can integrate Comet Chat V5 to give our users the ability to send docs, use white boards while integrated Twitter, Facebook, etc? ... Can you guys ask your client base how many would like to see this in your apps? ;)

Asked by Ward | 16th March | 5 answers

5 Answers

Answered by Chad Henderson | 23rd April

Wouldn't it be better to sell Comet Chat so it is not server load heavy instead of having people buy it then have to give you money every month for hosting it because you want to make more money? I put more faith in Hire-Experts application they are working on. They are not trying to rip off their clients.

Answered by Ward | 20th March

The good thing with Comet Chat is that we can host it on another server to reduce server load. The good thing for you guys is that it is already made, allowing your team to focus on plugin development! Please check my suggestion for an advanced all-in-one Mail - Contact - Calendar plugin for SE, iPad, iPhone and Android. Searching, Networking and Communication are important to both of our success.

Answered by Eldar Galiev | 20th March

Thanks for the link! It looks very nice. Our team is working on our own application and we'll check pros & coins of Cometchat app integration.

Answered by Asker Koshmuratov | 19th March

Thank you for your suggestion Ward, we will surely consider the integration of Comet Chat in further development of plugin. Please let me know if you require any further information or assistance.

Answered by Ward | 16th March

Please see V5 app and integration features here. This is without a doubt, a MUST HAVE!

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