Updating license key on SQL?

I am very new to this so please be patient with me.

I have installed SE and downloaded plugins and have them install via SE/install (would not work from the admin spot) When it comes to put in the license key, the link is broken :/

I've gotten advice that I can use the SQL to update this but I am confused what pieces of the query I replace as the example in for installing the full version of SE and I am trying to do the add-ons.
THIS is what I was given:

UPDATE `engine4_core_settings` SET value='1234-1234-1234-1234' WHERE `name`='core.license.key' LIMIT 1;

Now, I want to replace the "1234-xxx-xx" with my codes. But what is the other piece of the query that I replace. (`name=)? What do I put there?

I am trying to do my wall. Do I put (`name`=wall.license.key`)

Thanks for your time.

Asked by katherine thomes | 28th January | 2 answers

2 Answers

Answered by Witch Goddess | 27th March

You must go in engine4_hecore_modules and in there you can see where to edit in your key.

Also, I had this issue and it was solved by updating to the latest versions of HE Core.

Answered by Altynai Osmonova | 30th January

Hi Katherine,

Thank you for the question.

Please contact us for resolving this issue on the following email [email protected] and provide access details to your site, so we could check the issue on your side. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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