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I have set up the wall plugin to the latest version. It is supposed to have a G+ style according to the documentation, but when a member does a post, the image shows as a thumbnail on the feed instead of a large image. Is there something required to do to set the image to display in a large format?

Asked by Alex Solorzano | 27th September | 6 answers

6 Answers

Answered by Stephen | 8th March

The Problem of the image showing as a thumbnail on the feed
is right now a known phenomenon. I do think that Hire-expert should try to correct this issue on their next update to the plugin. Wall plugin is fantastic without this issue. please do something

Answered by Zhazgul Zuridinova | 2nd October

Dear Alex,

We are happy of being useful for you.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Have a good day!

Answered by Alex Solorzano | 30th September

Thank you, Zhazgul! I updated the CSS and it is working now. It would be useful when you upgrade a plugin you post this tricks. Or, just have the plugin overwrite the css.

Answered by Zhazgul Zuridinova | 30th September

Dear Alex,

I have checked your site.

Please go to the theme editor and edit the CSS there. You need to remove the parameters below from ul.feed .feed_attachment_photo a>img:
max-width: 90px;
max-height: 90px;

Hope this was helpful.

Kind regards,


Answered by Alex Solorzano | 29th September

Zhazgul -

I no longer have a support subscription, but I am certain that the issue is in your plugin, not in my set up. Otherwise, I would have no problem to pay for support.

It would be very useful if you can have an area where you actually explain how to configure the plugin so it would be easy to isolate what the issue is.

Where can I email you the screen shots?


Answered by Zhazgul Zuridinova | 29th September

Dear Alex,

Thank you for the report.

Please, could you open ticket and include details of the problem, also update us with access data for Admin Panel & FTP - http://www.hire-experts.com/client-area

Please, include the screenshots of the issue, if it's possible.

I'll redirect your ticket to our Development Department for further investigation, and provide reply as soon as the problem is solved in the ticket.

Thank you in advance.

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