What addons you would like to see in SocialEngine Cloud?

Hello all!

SocialEngine hasn't released API for developers yet, anyway Hire-Experts Team will certainly develop great applications for SE Cloud.

So please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions for SocialEngine Cloud, we'll be very appreciated for your help.

Asked by Eldar Galiev | 18th October | 10 answers

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Answered by Pat Howlett | 16th December

Plugins for Cloud

- Events
- Form Generator
- Member Profile page enhancements
- Check in

Answered by Marcail Parker | 11th March

I think its sad that Socialengine has not developed an API for developers to use with Socialengine PHP. It shouldn't be that difficult. it just seems like procrastination. I'm almost ready to give up on this company. And I own more Hire-experts plugins than I do socialengine. I wish Hire-expert team just create its own socialengine software application. I would deffinately buy it and leave this socialengine php stuff alone.

Answered by Asker Koshmuratov | 25th July

Thank you for your question Terascinta,

1) We have no member in our team that speaks Indonesian.

2) All our plugins are developed specially for SocialEngine 4 platform (SocialEngine PHP) and will work only on SocialEngine PHP. Unfortunately at present time we are over loaded with completion of current projects on SE and we will not be able to develop plugins for other platforms, as we don't support any other platforms.

3 ) Our plugin allows to buy the credits for real money. Unfortunately it is impossible to purchase a badges for the credits. But Badges are given to members depending on number of earned credits. You can set the number of required credits for each badge and it encourages members to actively use your social network to get new badges.

4) It should be noted once again that our plugins don't support SE-cloud. But if you wish to be hosted at our partners Hostiso's, you should specify this question at them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or comments.

Answered by terascinta | 21st July

Hello, i have questions before deciding to buy your services,(store, badge, credits) i dont know coding so im going to buy SECloud. Please forgive my english.

1. Do you translate the plug in to any other language than english? I want to use it for native indonesian speakers.

2. Do all of these plugins supported by SECloud?

3. I would like user to be able to get credits (with the credits plugin) by referring people to purchase some special thing (with real money) from the market, or VIP badge, or VIP Membership. (Credits for successfull actual purchase referral). Can anyone do that? How much should I pay?

4. Do you recommend using SECloud with all of your plugin? If not, should I host with you, will it be accesible from Indonesia in term of access speed? (As fast as when we access facebook from Indonesia). Or do you have any recommendation?

Thank you

Answered by KingleMingle | 8th March

integrate the smileys in SE core so that they appears by defualt on every page.

Answered by Ricardo Teixeira | 6th December

SE Cloud is a mistake. Please focus on php version plugins and forget about SE Cloud. I think that is not going so far as they want...

Answered by Eldar Galiev | 1st November

@Luke thanks for the sharing your thoughts, we assure that we're going to support both platforms: SE PHP and SE Cloud, so there will be a lot of new awesome features from Hire-Experts

@Ward thanks for the suggestion, it seems very interesting and we'll certainly check this idea for SE4

Answered by Ward | 29th October

You guys would be helping us (your clients) more and make more money if you all could create an app section for our core. I don't see SE Cloud going too far. Webligo has already lost trust amongst the SE community and is losing it's customer base.

Answered by Luke Cairns | 29th October

I would love to give some sugestions to this but a cloud option i did not like from the start, i have seen some many other social hosted services go and lost many users data, so i keep to my self hosted and self backed up se php

Answered by Eldar Galiev | 18th October

Please feel free to share ideas for improvements of existing features, and don't forget to vote for ideas ;)

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