What is Going On?

What is happening here? Why is there no customer service at all? Do you not care about your users? I have been trying to contact you for well over a month regarding issues and nothing. Email, Facebook, this forum, nothing.

First, There is no way to subscribe, there was an error and now that option is completely gone. And it is known there is no way to file a support ticket without having the monthly subscription.

Second, the plugin I purchased from you is gone (Advanced Members). I paid for it when you had the 15% off sale and it's no longer on my Plugins download page. I have gotten no emails or anything as to why this happened.

Third, the plugin wouldn't install correctly nor did it work when I finally managed to install it. It made my Members page look ugly and I had to disable it.

Fourth and finally, you seem to have abandoned your users. This forum has not seen a comment from you in months.

Please fix all of this as I would hate to have to look elsewhere for the plugin features I've been using here, but it's looking like I will need to!

Asked by Witch Goddess | 29th October | 2 answers

2 Answers

Answered by Witch Goddess | 14th November

Forget it. I am done with this company. Unprofessional, full of spam on their blog, no answers to our questions... Not happy.

Answered by Witch Goddess | 30th October

I have gotten an email sorting this out, and I am hoping that things continue to go well.

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