Pages plugin extensions

We provide wide range extensions to fit any project needs. Below you can view available extensions for Pages plugin and more integrations & extensions are coming so please stay tuned.

Free Tips social engine plugin
Free Tips plugin provides advanced Tips for profiles which are displayed on mouseover. It supports Member, Group and Page profiles. You can select what information and how to display...
Page-Events social engine plugin
Page-Events is a lightweight socialengine plugin which allows a page members to organize gatherings and parties with fans, as well as let people in page community know about upcoming events. Page-Events add-on has all important features like: create/manage events, invite friends, commenting, moderation, search, etc...
Page-Discussions social engine plugin
Page-Discussions plugin allows members to create discussion topics to share information and ask questions. It is a great way to increase interaction within your pages. It is a lightweight forum which has all important features: moderation, search, sticky and closed topics, watching topics, quotes, etc. Plugin has nice and simple UI which is based on AJAX...
Page-Blogs social engine plugin
Page-Blogs plugin provides stylish and lightweight Blogs feature. It allows members to submit blog posts using WYSIWYG entry composer, leave comments and `like` within Pages according to privacy settings in the page. Page-Blogs is very easy in use and stylish plugin which is fully based on AJAX technology(without any page loads!)...
Page-Videos social engine plugin
Page-Videos plugin presents stylish and powerful Videos feature. It allows members to submit Youtube and Vimeo videos, upload video files from computer, leave comments and `like` within Pages according to privacy settings in the page. Page-Videos is full featured, sexy stylish and based on AJAX technology(without any page loads!)...
Page-Albums social engine plugin
Page-Albums plugin presents stylish and powerful Photo Albums. It allows members to create photo albums and upload multiple photos at the same time with a nice progress bar, leave comments and `like` within Pages according to privacy settings in the page. Page-Albums is full featured, sexy stylish and based on AJAX technology...

We do our best to make Pages plugin ecosystem rich for features and have seamless integration for the best user experience. Check the plugins below which are smoothly integrated with Pages plugin:

Offers & Coupons social engine plugin
This plugin allows members to get discounts and profitable offers on your site, it increases members activity and their constant interest, loyalty towards your social network...
Crowdfunding / Fundraising / Charities Donations social engine plugin
This SocialEngine plugin provides powerful social tools to raise effectively funds for charities, projects and fundraisers. It is rich for features but very flexible so you can enable only donations in your social network, or even turn your site to a hub for charities, projects and their fundraisers...
Badges social engine plugin
It encourages members to do various activity, frequently interact with each other and compete with friends in your social network. It is a simple and fun way to increase interaction and reward your members with badges...
Timeline social engine plugin
Timeline provides a new kind of profile page for SocialEngine. Timeline is a way to digitally document member's life from birth to present, via wall posts, photos, videos, attended events, etc. It is beautiful and easy on the eyes...
Check-In social engine plugin
Check-In plugin brings into SocialEngine one of the modern trends - location check-in services. It is attractive, easy in use and funny feature allows your members to share where they are now...
Store social engine plugin
Store is an e-commerce plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your SocialEngine powered social network. This plugin lets members to buy your products and services online. Also your members can open own online store on your site, advertise products throughout social network and sell products to other members.
Rates social engine plugin
Rates plugin allows users to rate members, photos, quizzes, blogs, etc and post review Pages. It's a great light weight plugin that delivers a lot of value in a user-friendly and well-executed way. Ajax based rate looks so smooth and easy in use so users are glad to express their attitude about content(blog, photo,...
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